Electric Grid

Electric Grid

The adoption of wind and solar renewable energy creates instability in the electric grid due to the intermittent nature of these energy sources, creating opportunities for fault-friendly inverter technology and energy storage to mitigate these fluctuations. Small electric grids or those with high concentrations of heavy-fuel generation can more economically manage frequency control using energy storage technologies. The global market is estimated at $20 billion – 50 billion.

In the electric grid market, Altairnano provides utilities and ISOs and co-ops a scalable energy storage solution that:

  • Transitions from full-power charge to full-power discharge at high rates in fewer than 100 milliseconds;
  • Provides a reliable replacement for incumbent power technologies at a lower total cost of operation;
  • Facilitates grid stability and systems interconnection/integration — with the best ramping rate performance in the industry;
  • Is significantly safer than other lithium-ion technologies;

Compared to other technologies, provides the greatest number of cycles based on power and space;
Enables safe deployment of powerful batteries close to the load; and
Easily and safely interconnects the grid with fault-friendly inverter technology.

As a proven leader in grid stability and systems integration, Altairnano provides the best performance and cycle life in the industry – and the lowest total cost of operation for our customers.

We are the only nano lithium-titanate battery system available to the electric grid market today – and this technology allows us to provide the smallest package and highest energy recapture at the lowest cost.



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